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We invite you to get to know a collaboration that will create new standards for the aerospace industry.

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One thing is certain. Steel is not created equal. For the aerospace industry, steel has to meet all requirements and comply with all norms set, which surpass the average standards substantially. Justifiably, as the material is exposed to maximum stresses and strains. It needs to prove itself in a framework of technical construction of which the highest function and quality expectations are demanded. Hence, the standards to satisfy are very high.

Our aspiration is to go even beyond this. We trade in specialty steel that is made for such exposures. Our product range from round and flat bars to ultra-high strength seamless tubes. We offer the later as either air-melted in an EAF or alternatively vacuum-induction melted in a VIM. And of course it is also possible to combine it with ESR or VAR.

Our specialty steel is used almost everywhere: in planes, helicopters or drones. It fulfills different functions in each: as part of the engine, the structure or as fastening items, as part of the chassis, cargo-loading systems, stabilizers or as actuators.

If you need the best product, we are the best partner for you.



The cooperation between STT and Remystahl and what steel has to do with it - in 177 seconds.

We promise a lot. We keep it too.

There is almost nothing we cannot do. This is a promise that we are proud of. The basis for this is our expertise and experience. We know exactly what we are talking about when we talk about solutions, capacities, availabilities and prices. You can rely on our know-how. Further, we keep a very personal and engaged contact with all of our customers. We take on their challenges as our own. This is what builds the kind of partnerships that are based on common goals and foster open and subject-oriented conditions. There is a reason that customers have trusted us for years and sometimes decades. We are very proud of this.

Customer can also count on additional services. For example, the manufacturing of close-contour prototypes, and small run productions of stainless steel or aluminum items via 3D printing. Or even the preparation of machined components, as well as the manufacturing of standardised ready-made products with the help of modern CNC-facilities. We supply forged joints, flanging, discs, axles, and shafts just as we offer different types and procedures of thermal processing in furnaces.

We keep what we have promised.
Because we can. 

Lead time: None.

Time is of the essence. Usually things need to happen quickly, but at the same time, it’s not that easy, instantaneous, and straightforward to get the right product. Even for standard items this is often the case. And, if the required material and steel are rare or need to be especially high quality, the search may take quite a while.

The countermeasure is professional storage planning, a clever inventory holding and the willingness to permanently stock an extensive range. It is this readiness that makes us unique: We want to be effective — immediately.

The advantages for our customers are significant: They avoid downtime, needless searching and unnecessary processing fees. They gain planning security instead of uncertainty, because we can deliver what is needed. Even unusual shapes and numerous specialty sizes are part of our stock. Always. Additionally, if it is necessary, we can cut your material to the required length — up to a diameter of 520 millimeters. Precise and reliable.

Save time by talking to us first.

Practical experience forms practical expertise.

You can assess a cooperation by one easy principle: value added. Working with them has to be worth it. This is obvious for the coorporation partners, but particularly important for the third party — our customer. Cooperation have to enable a performance level which would not be possible outside their partnership.

Performance — this is the most significant reason why Steel Trading & Technology GmbH and Remystahl GmbH have been working ‘hand in hand’ for years. Both companies are specialising in high quality alloyed steel and specialised steel. Both companies have made it their main goal to find solutions for customers who have specific requests. Both companies are of course ISO 9001 and EN 9120 certified.

Steel Trading & Technology GmbH distinguishes itself through metallurgical expertise and thorough technical knowledge. These form the base for their unique consultation. The company carries out important developmental work on behalf of its customers in many areas.

Remystahl GmbH is a former steel plant with experience stretching back 170 years. They basically have steel in their blood. Today, they are in the steel trade. Storage capacity and delivery performance of Remystahl is practically unrivalled.

Two companies.
More power. More value.


Steel Trading & Technology GmbH
Bundesstrasse 7
8661 Sankt Barbara

Fon:    +43 (0) 3858 42 544 0
Fax:    +43 (0) 3858 42 544 44

Remystahl GmbH & Co. KG
Volmarsteiner Str. 1 – 9
58089 Hagen

Fon:    +49 (0) 23 31 - 387-0
Fax:    +49 (0)  23 31 - 387-299


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